Heirloom Horn Combs

The ideal adjectival trifecta for grooming tools (all tools?) is useful-healthful-charming. And boy oh boy, do these combs fit the bill. 1) Useful: These combs are made of horn, so they’re super strong. Their tines won’t bend or break or melt if you leave them out in the sun or use them with a hair dryer. 2) Healthful: Horn is naturally rich in amino acids and keratin, which will help keep your hair nutritionally balanced, silky, and shiny. 3) Charming: These. Shapes. If you’d like a galleon sailing through your locks, the ship comb is for you. The fish comb is double-sided, just like a fish’s bone structure… which this comb clearly recalls. And more. We’re chuckling, and damn does our hair look good.